PDFs are the preferred file format for many printers, including us! PDFs give us all the information we need to have your print piece looking exactly as you see it on your screen. So what exactly makes PDFs so great?

  1. Everything we need is in the PDF.

    When you make a PDF, your computer gathers all the components of your file and packages them all together within the file itself, such as, fonts, images and color settings. For example, if you created a document in Microsoft Word and send that over to us, we cannot ensure we will have the fonts used in your file. By creating a PDF, the fonts are automatically embedded into the file, ensuring no surprises when printing.

  2. Embedded Fonts – Fewer Issues.

    One of the most common issues we encounter is missing fonts.
    Why is that?
    The software you used to design your print piece creates a reference to the fonts but does not store them in the file. This means, the software knows where to find the font on your computer, but if you do not include the fonts and we do not already have them installed, the software won’t know where to look for the font on our computer. Often times it will be replaced with another font, which can completely change your design that you worked so hard on.
    Instead, a PDF creates a copy of each font that is used and stores them directly into the file. This is called embedding. Now, no matter where your file is opened, the fonts will look exactly how you intended.

  3. We can still make edits for you in the PDF.

    Many people make PDFs because it prevents their designs from being altered or changed. While this is true for most viewers, we have special software that allows us to match our equipment settings and prepare your file for print. If you find you need anything changed, we can quickly do so without altering the final look of your design.

Of course, every job is unique and in some cases we may need the original file format. But 9 times out of 10, a PDF will be perfect!

If you have any questions about which file format you should send us, feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to help!